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Eyebrow $18
Lip $12
Eyebrow and Lip $28
Chin $13
Hairline $15
Full Face $50
Female Arm Half $25
Female Arm Full $38
Female Underarm $18
Nose $12
Ear $12
Female Stomach $10
Female Upper Leg $40
Female Lower Leg $35
Female Full Leg $70
Female Bikini $25
Female Custom Tailored Bikini $35
Female Brazilian  Wax $55
Female Sugaring Brazilian Wax $55



Waxing Frequently Asked Questions


There can sometimes be a little trepidation before booking a wax especially if you are a first-timer. I am here to take your worries away, answer any question you may have, and let you know a few handy tips to follow to ensure you get the best out of your treatment. If there is anything you feel I have left out, please give me a call or drop me an email. I am here to help and aim to please. – Xiya

Please Do

… moisturize regularly to soften skin and hair.
… exfoliate twice a week.
… wear loose clothing, preferably natural, breathable fabric.
… book your appointments 4 week apart.
… arrive to your appointment calm and composed.

Please Do Not

… work up a sweat, go to the gym or tan until 48 hours after waxing.
… have a hot bath or sauna until 48 hours after waxing.
… exfoliate until 4 days after your wax.
… apply makeup immediately after facial waxing

Most importantly: Please don’t shave in between waxing—your body will love you for it!


Q. It is been months since I paid attention to my bikini area. Should I trim before coming for my wax?
A. That’s ok – I can do that for you, unless it is really unruly—then you are more than welcome to trim you want to.

Q. Do I need to exfoliate?
A. Yes. To have smooth, sexy skin and to remove the layer of dead cells which allows for better penetration of your other skin care products.

Q. Will waxing hurt?
A. It is really not as bad as you think — I have great quality wax and am trained to wax fast and thoroughly communicate with you every step of the way in how to position your body or stretch your skin to minimize the pain.

Q. Waxing vs Shaving?
A. Regular waxing reduces hair growth activity over time whereas regular shaving promotes hair growth over time, meaning you’ll end up with more than you started with. Waxing hairs can grow back anywhere from 2 -4 weeks, and shaven hairs will reappear anywhere from 8 hours to 5 days! Don’t worry if you have only ever shaved—it is never too late to start waxing!

Q. What do I do with ingrown hair?
A. Don’t pick at it, squeeze it, or try to tweeze it out—because you will bruise or scar yourself. Keep gently exfoliating.

Q. How does pregnancy affect treatments?
A. Many women worry that it is dangerous to have waxing done while pregnant, but this is not the case at all. Aside from the fact that it may hurt a little more than usual because your hormones are often going nuts, it is perfectly fine to continue your monthly hair maintenance.

Q. What do I need to tell my esthetician about?
A. Raised moles and skin tags, abrasion, bites, broken skin, bruises, varicose veins, sun burn, period, allergies, Medical Condition, Medication. You will have to give waxing a miss if you have contagious skin condition, thin or fragile skin, or are using steroid medication or Accutane.

Q. If I’ve never waxed before, how will my skin react?
A. In most cases your skin will be fine, however it depends on your skin type. If you are particularly sensitive, you may get a reaction (usually on the face and bikini area). It is quite common to get a slight reaction to your wax the first time and then your skin will become accustomed to the treatment, and it is unlikely that you will get the same reaction again.

Q. If I have my period, can I still get a brazilian wax?
A. If you’re wearing a tampon, that is fine. Just make sure everything is in place, and you are nice and clean.

Once again, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be delighted to help you.