At Linxia Beauty Works, we excel in quick and virtually painless hair removal. We are known for our 15 minute Brazilian Wax and detailed eyebrow sculpting. We use various waxes to customize your experience and never double dip a stick. See us also for eyelash extensions, eyebrow tinting and makeup application to make your special event more memorable!

Join our passion and begin your journey to healing, nourishing and replenishing your skin without the toxins, preservatives, and artificial solvents from synthetic sources in other products.

About the Owner

Linxia Beauty Works was established in 2014 by Xia Lin. Gaining ample experience in the East Lakeview neighborhood, Xia Lin managed and worked at Ether Health & Beauty Spa. She cultivated a strong following due to her results driven organic facials and amazing “15 Minute Brazilians”. The next obvious step in her career was to own her own business and work for herself as many who excel in their career do. She decided to choose a location downtown which is even more convenient to her hundreds of clients and opened Linxia Beauty Works.