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Natural Volume Lash Extensions Chicago

Linxia Beauty Works is a Chicago Lash Pro boutique. Since 2014, we’ve been providing lash extensions. The company changed its name to Beauty Works as the popularity of eyelash extension services grew. The studio’s operation has continued to rise in the domain of lash extensions.

Linxia’s unwavering commitment to offering luxury competent makeup services while upholding the philosophy of using aesthetics to motivate people has been a catalyst behind the firm’s re-invention.

Beauty Works’ long-standing clientele is based on the notion that every business (especially those requiring such intimate interaction) must maintain quality in customer relations and be concerned for their clients’ time in order.


Synthetic fibers are bonded to eyelashes with healthcare adhesives. Lash extensions are available in a range of lengths, from 6mm to 18mm, with a few thickness possibilities.

Lash extensions, when used correctly, can enhance the eyes to appear wide and elevated.

Eyelash extensions must last six weeks with good maintenance before they fall out completely. A touch-up is recommended every 2-3 weeks to sustain the perfect result.

In The Bag!

Whether you require Chicago Eyelashes perming, lash tinting, face wax, or complete body wax, our skilled and experienced crew has the knowledge and instruments to get quality results. We also offer brow threading, Brazilian waxing, full-face threading, and facial procedures.

Linxia Beauty Works has all the equipment, facilities, and knowledge necessary to fulfill the beauty parlor needs inside one convenient area for one low fee.

Our courteous crew can handle all of your waxes, haircuts, and personal care products, ensuring that you are delighted with the result and services.

Classic Set Eyelash Extension

Traditional lash additions are applied one-to-one, with one extension bonded to one natural eyelash. Classic eyelash extensions are ideal for individuals that already have an abundance of eyelashes but wish to lengthen them. This set is suitable for anyone who does not use considerable eye makeup.

Volume Set Eyelash Extensions

Adding 2-6 featherweight extensions to each natural lash will give the whole volume of eyelashes. Handcrafted supporters are designed to provide the eyelashes with the thickness and plumpness of strip lashes, though without the heaviness and weight. You might never have to use eyeliners anymore if these Chicago Eyelash Extensions are used.


The first consultation phase is to meet with the eyelash designer, who might question you about aesthetic goals and long-term approaches. Depending on your responses, your operator will choose a curling length for the eye shape.

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