Post-Waxing Care For Brazilian Waxing

When you go to the spa for Brazilian waxing, then half your battle is over. Bikini waxing is scarier than other parts of the body waxing. The first thing that comes to your mind is pain. How much pain do you have to bear? Will you be able to? Well, debate on how painful Brazilian waxing can go on because some say that it is less painful and the same say that they were unable to bear the pain.

But once you are done with your waxing session, now the question of post-waxing care must arise in your mind to make the results long-lasting. To get the best results, you must look for professionals to get Brazilian waxing in Chicago. We have mentioned some tips to make the results stable.

Post-Waxing Care Tips For Brazilian Waxing

1. Wear loose and comfortable clothes

Don’t wear tight-fitting undies and clothes because they can cause irritation. Try to wear clothes that are loose and comfortable, and these clothes help your skin to breathe properly.

2. Go easy on products

After Brazilian waxing, your skin is still sensitive. So don’t use any intimate gel or any other scented products. If you want to wash, then go with gentle, fragrance-free cleanser products.

3. Stay away from heat

You have to stay away from saunas, hot showers, and baths because they can irritate your skin. Heat can open the pores and further cause irritation or infection to your skin.

4. Do not get physical

After the intimate waxing, you should avoid gym, sports, and intercourse. Bacteria can be increased due to sweat, which will cause an unnecessary risk of infection or irritation for the skin in the intimate skin. Try to keep your clothes dry and fresh.

5. Soothe and cool the skin

If you see some redness and feel a burning sensation, you can apply cool compresses to the affected area for a few minutes. In case of redness and discomfort for a couple of days, then you should visit a specialist to get relief from burning irritation and redness.

6. Do not exfoliate right away

Exfoliation is helpful before Brazilian waxing, but when you do it after waxing can cause harm to your skin because this can make your skin weak and break the barrier. You need to for 72 hours to exfoliate your skin.


After getting a Brazilian wax, you must follow these tips to take care of your skin. If you want to get the best Brazilian wax painless, then Linxia Beauty Works might help you. We have years of experience providing the best and painless Brazilian waxing at reasonable prices. In addition, we also offer brow tinting and eyelash extensions. Book your appointment now with us.

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