Quick Tips For Fabulous Lash Extensions On Vacation

No matter where you are going, eyelash extensions are the best companion on vacation. You don’t have to worry about finding the ideal long-lasting mascara and have to be always photo-ready. Instead, you can focus on enjoying your vacation. The lash extension saves your time on doing everyday makeup and maintains your eyelashes to look perfect day and night. Thus it makes eyelash extensions an ideal adventure companion.

For your next adventure, you can get the perfect quality eyelashes extension in River North, Chicago. Before going on vacation, make sure to use the best lash extension travel tips to keep your eyelash extension looking amazing, no matter where you are – in the mountains, on the beach, or out of town.

Follow These Tips To Keep Lash Extensions Fabulous On Vacation:

1. Protect and clean your eyelash extension

If you’re going to spend more time at the beach after a swim, dab some fresh water on your lids. After leaving the beach, make sure to wash your eyelids and eyelashes with clean water and an oil-free facial cleanser. Make sure to use a makeup remover that is safe for your lash extensions. You should pack a lint-free towel and soft cotton in your backup. Carrying a towel or tissue to wick away sweat on the go is an easy way to protect your eyelashes from falling out.

2. Keep extreme heat and harmful chemicals away from eyelash extensions

Keep sunscreen off your eyelashes- You never want to get sunscreen in your eyes, but it’s especially important to apply it carefully when wearing eyelash extensions. Oily sunscreens can damage the eyelash extension adhesive. Use oil-free sunscreen for extra caution. Keep yourself away from extreme heat – Keep a safe distance from any campfires and hot grills to keep safe your eyelash extension from falling out.

3. Avoid sleeping on your lashes

Wear a contoured eye mask; It can be difficult to avoid sleeping on your eyelashes, especially when traveling and sleeping in an airplane or car. If you want to avoid rubbing your eyelashes accidentally, then you should choose a sleep mask with the contour of the eye. This leaves room for your eyelashes to be secured underneath.

The Key Takeaway

It is a great idea to get eyelash extensions from Linxia Beauty Works for your next vacation. We offer the best and high-quality Chicago eyelashes extension. With us, you will get long-lasting eyelashes and luxurious lengths. Book your appointment today.

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